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Mike, a Visionyard Wedding Photographer Michael Kaal, Lead Photographer

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Likes: photography, nature, the color green, running, camping, hiking, fishing, DOGS, the South West, driving, breakfast burritos, FOOD, PHOENIX SUNS, Coffee, Photoshop, sun rises, family, Settlers of Catan, Track and Field, Steve Nash, road trips, friends, Canon Cameras, fitness, Kayaks, Phoenix, GPS’s, water, swimming, Sushi, Louis La’mour Books, journals, the Bible, friends, breakfast,  Art, facebook, fire, Arizona Highways,  Animals, the Desert, maps, football, mountains, knives, people, open spaces, apple pie,  Thai food, Soccer, Lightroom.

Dislike: tomatoes, rolled ankles, getting lost, bad lighting, no clouds, Suns losing, Lakers winning, racism, arguing, camera falling of off cliff, rattle snake attacks, blurry images, clothes shopping, over cooked steak, miscommunication, hospitals, dislocated shoulders, high gas prices.

Shauna, a Visionyard wedding photographer Shauna Stansell, Owner/Photographer - Link to Personal Portfolio

Likes: my husband. my sons. my faith. laughing so hard my stomach hurts. thoughtful gifts. my family. shoes. working with my husband. ben & jerry's mint chocolate cookie. prayer. sevilla, spain. charles spurgeon. the breakfast club. dr. pepper. sandra boynton. solid gold oldies. arts & crafts. naps. earl grey tea. lemonheads (the candy). steve carell. chipotle. simon's kisses. saving the best bite for last. stars. bff reunions.

Dislikes: when people don't smile back. styrofoam. injustice. hair on sinks. not being understood. heartburn. fear. chocolate & peanut butter together. monopoly. stretch marks. luvey-schmuvey movies. chapped lips & dry skin. pro wrestling. distractions. being far from loved ones. dust bunnies. dirty dishes.

"Faith is the soul's mouth, whereby the hunger of the heart is removed." - Charles Spurgeon

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Tim, a Visionyard wedding photographer Tim Stansell, Owner/Studio Manager - Link to Personal Portfolio
Likes: my wife. my boys. my parents. my sisters. my brothers-in-law. guitars. single malt scotch. kava kava root. new mexico. the miller family. job. liquid. chipotle. my iPhone. driving. phoenix. photoshop. singing. ipod. grand pianos. apple computers. shane and shane. golf. memories. jesus. laughing. settlers of catan. canon L lenses. my nieces and nephews. hatch chile. nellies. b&h. the beach. rain. being snowed-in. ccc. arizona. chevy chase. writing music. traveling. counter strike. c.s. lewis. john piper. homestarrunner. creativity. originality. coffee. blackjack. guys night. steak. our house. building things. spain. back to the future. tempurpedic pillows. new york. free stuff [for the most part]. edward norton. itunes. electric blankets. brian regan. fine audio systems. free education. the office [uk and us]. wireless internet. sleep.

Dislikes: onions. cats. thieves. rush hour. taxes. the electric slide. when things don't work the way they are supposed to. my alarm clock. inconsideration. karaoke. bad drivers. boring movies. my back. re-doing things. tbn. mouth noises. being irritated. getting things in my eyes. bad logic. glitter. broken bones. being put to sleep. gas pains. being hungry. abortion. waste. addictions. stepping on thorns. soap operas. being sick. losing. losing things. broken glass. long lines. atm fees.

A Good Quote: "Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win." - Bobby Knight

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