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Why We Became Wedding Photographers

    Our wedding day is where our journey to becoming wedding photographers begins. The market for good photographers in Santa Fe, NM was limited and expensive. So, needless to say we had a difficult time finding someone to photograph our wedding for the amount we had budgeted, which wasn't much. The search led us to a photography studio that seemed like a good fit, solely based on the price. We even went over our limited photography budget to get the package we wanted. Our initial meeting with the photographer should have been a warning. She didn't have much to show us in the style that we hoped for. But again, that was what we could afford. We signed the contract and set up another meeting with the person who would capture the images that we would potentially cherish for the rest of our lives.
    We met and emphasized that we preferred candid and creative pictures. Saying "candid and creative" fifteen times during the hour-long meeting should have convinced anyone. Fast forward to one of the most important days of our lives. The photographer was there with her equipment as expected. We really didn't have any problems until after the ceremony. Lacking some necessary skills, she lost control of the crowd. My cousin ended up taking charge and directing the flow of pictures, all posed and traditional...not what we asked for, or wanted. Still hopeful, we joined our guests at the reception, which because of our budget, she could only cover for thirty minutes.
    We returned from the honeymoon excited to view our proofs. Disaster. The majority of the images were posed, many of which were underexposed and out of focus. Our favorite photo looks like one that was taken by accident! All void of creativity because the photographer's idea of creative was a picture of shoes that she destroyed in Photoshop. We remember our poor decision to go with low cost over quality everytime we look at our photos, which as it turns out, isn't very often. This is what gives us the desire to offer brides and grooms professional and artistic images like we wanted, but did not get. So believe us when we say that you will not find another photographer that cares more about your wedding photos that Visionyard!

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