Finally, a new blog

Well it has been several months, actually about 6 months now, since some malicious programming was entered into our blog.  Some of you got viruses from visiting our site, others weren’t allowed to visit our site because of your company’s protection.  We were forced to completely remove our blog because of this problem.  We have been trying to load all of the content back onto our new blog, but it isn’t working properly.  If anyone reading this knows how to load old content from a database backup into a new database, please email us (

What this means is that we are going to be starting this new blog from scratch.  So check back soon, there will be photos of our most recent work, which is the point of this part of our website.  Currently, I (Tim) am in New York writing this post from the 4th floor of a random apartment building that has the most incredible view of Manhattan.  There will be some cool photos from our travels this summer, as well as from our weddings and other work that we have done the past 3 months.  Thank you for reading!

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