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[this is Nate Smith, Arizona wedding photographer]

Are you the person who will shoot our wedding?

What is the difference between Elite and Associate wedding coverage?

It depends on the type of wedding photography coverage you decide to go with (Associate Collection vs. Elite Collection) To see more about our packages, click --> Arizona wedding photography prices. We are currently booking weddings in two teams. Tim and Shauna are the photographers for the Elite Collection, and the Visionyard Associate photographers are the photographers for the Associate Collection. Depending on when your wedding is, you might be able to book and Associate wedding collection and have one of the Elite photographers [Tim or Shauna] at your wedding. The main difference between Elite and Associate wedding photography coverage is the experience of the photographers at weddings specifically. Tim and Shauna have photographed over 100 weddings together and by hiring them, you are paying for more experienced wedding photographers.

How many wedding photographers will be at my wedding?

What if we don't want to pay for two wedding photographers?

Every wedding photography package includes at least two professional wedding photographers and there are no exceptions. We will not photograph a wedding with only one Arizona wedding photographer. There are several reasons for this. First, it is much more fun for us to photograph weddings with someone else! Second, because there will be two wedding photographers taking pictures at your wedding, you will have an automatic backup in case something unexpected happens to any of your wedding photos before we deliver the collection to you. Third, more wedding photographers means more wedding pictures for you! Sometimes, rather often actually, we will bring a third wedding photographer just to help us out with some of our larger, more elaborate weddings. Having a third angle on your wedding day will only make your wedding photography collection that much more interesting. The best part about having a third photographer at your wedding is that while the other two photographers are busy taking formal pictures of the Bride and Groom and their families, the third photographer can be walking around, or hiding even, capturing special moments when no one is expecting it.

What type of photography equipment will be used at my wedding?

Do you use digital or film? What cameras do you use? Do you bring backup equipment?

Arizona wedding ring picture We photograph weddings with Canon professional digital camera bodies, lenses, flashes and accessories. We shoot 100% digital, never on film. We have 2 Canon 5D's and a Mark III 1D that serve as our primary camera bodies, a 20D, 30D, 40D for backup or close up pictures such as this wedding ring picture to the left. We use Canon L series lenses for all of our wedding pictures including a Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS, a Canon 85 f/1.2L, and three Canon 24-70 f/2.8L lenses. We have a handful of other lenses, but these are the lenses we use most often. Not only have we invested in the best photographic equipment on the market, we have also invested in the best digital image processing equipment available as well. Our studio consists of a G5 Power Mac Quad, a Mac Pro Quad, a Macbook Pro, and a 24" iMac, all complete with color calibrated monitors and the latest image editing software available. Since we spend more time on your photos after capture, it is important to have the best image editing equipment for your wedding photos. We have also incorporated an extensive backup and image archive system in order to minimize the chance of losing your precious memories. After a wedding, we download all of the photos onto our main computer which automatically creates a backup copy. Once we have completed the editing of your wedding photos, the entire collection, including the raw files or the "digital negatives" is copied again onto two separate hard drives and stored at different locations. We really have thought the entire process through so that you get what you paid for, your wedding photograph collection. We do bring backup equipment to every wedding.

Will you photograph black & white along with color wedding pictures?

What is the percentage of black and white photos delivered?

We shoot in color, in the RAW file format, which can't be photographed in black and white, but can be processed in black and white after capture. We usually deliver about 5-10% of the wedding photography collection in black and white. Once we post your wedding photos on, anyone can order a black and white print of any of the pictures, even the images that are in color.

What types of packages are available?

Are your packages customizable to suit our specific needs?

Wedding photography packages <--click there to see our wedding photography packages and prices. We do customize our photography packages for most of our couples. If there is something that you want, but we don't include, let us know and we'll add it to your package and send you a custom wedding photography quote. While Elite wedding coverage begins at $4500, our prices start at $2900 for Associate wedding photography coverage.

Will there be an online site to proof our wedding photos?

Can anyone view and order prints?

Yes and Yes! We use for all of our online proofing. Your family and friends will be able to order prints of your wedding photos from anywhere in the world. There are a couple of ways that we assist the couple in getting their wedding photo website link into the hands of their friends and families. As your Arizona wedding photographers, we include complimentary event cards that have one of your wedding photos along with your unique Pictage website address printed directly on the card. Pictage takes care of processing, payment, printing, and shipping of all print orders from your wedding. This means that you won't be responsible for getting pictures to your family. As your Arizona wedding photographer, we will take care of this for you. We usually send these cards out to you about 2 weeks after your wedding so that you can insert them into your thank you cards. Once we finish up with the post processing, which usually takes about 4-6 weeks from your wedding date, we will upload the final wedding photo collection to Pictage.

Will you deliver a CD or DVD with our wedding photos?

Can we make prints from the disc?

When your wedding album is delivered, we deliver your disc of images that includes your wedding and engagement photos. We do not deliver all of the images captured, only the ones that we process. For a wedding, that is usually around 600-800 images, for an engagement session, it is around 50 images. Each disc includes a copyright license giving you permission to make prints for yourself. It also gives you permission to make a copy of the disc for backup purposes only, not to give away to others.

- When can we expect to receive proofs, prints, and albums?

Included in all of our packages we include a reception slideshow of YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS. We put that slideshow of about 40-50 of our favorite wedding photos on our website the following week, usually 3-4 days after your wedding. After that it usually takes us between 4-6 weeks to process your wedding photos. We will post the photos on for you to view. At this point, prints can be made as soon as you make your selections on Pictage. We also use Pictage for our couples to select their album photos, which is typically between 60-80 images, depending on the album. Once you select your album photos, it takes us about 3 weeks to design the book. Once we order the album, it will be in your hands no later than 2 weeks after the order date. Click there --> Wedding photo albums (scroll down to the middle/bottom of the page) to read more about our wedding albums.

- What is your usual minimum deposit? When would it be due? When will the remaining balance be due?

Our Date reservation Payment (not a deposit) is 30% of the desired package. It is due when you decide to book with us. The remaining balance is due 14 days before your wedding. In order to secure your date with us, we require a 30% DRP along with a signed agreement. I have attached a copy of our agreement for you to look over.

- What are your overtime fees, if any?

If we end up staying longer than we were hired for, we will send an invoice after your wedding for the same rates that our packages are based on: $350 per hour for associate coverage (includes both photographers), and $500 per hour for Elite coverage (includes both photographers).

- How do you store &/or backup images?

We copy the images as soon as we can after your wedding. We have many hard drives that we use to store our wedding photos. When we copy them to our main wedding photo archive, it is duplicated onto a Mirrored Raid hard drive array so that we have a backup copy as soon as possible. We store them on SATA hard drives that are put in a separate location, once the event is about 6 months old.

- Have you ever photographed a wedding on film?

No, we have never photographed a wedding on film. When we started our company 3+ years ago, digital photography was already the mainstream method of photography, especially for weddings.

- Are we able to review a complete set of proofs from 2-3 recent (within the last year) weddings?


- Are you a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association?

No. You have to market yourself as an individual photographer to qualify to be included in their association. We believe our strength has always been in our team. We are, however, active members in the PPA (professional photographers association) and...

- Are you insured?

we are insured through them as well. Our equipment is insured, and we have other insurance as well.

- How many weddings or events do you work in one weekend? On the same day?

It depends. We cannot photograph more than 2 weddings on a given day. None of our photography teams shoot more than 2 weddings in a day. If we do book 2 weddings in a day, one team is at one, and another team is at the other.

- Who is the backup photographer if the one contracted with is unavailable?

One of our other photographers from our studio. If they aren't available, we have a list of other photographers that we can contact to see if they can make it.

- How many photos will we receive?

Depending on the amount of time that we are hired for, from 200-1000 images, or more if it is alot of coverage. Typically, our average delivered image collection includes about 500-700 images.

- Will we receive our digital negatives with reprint permission?

You will receive a DVD with your photos with reprint permission, this is delivered when your album is completed. We include a copyright license right on the disc. They aren't however, digital negatives. We deliver all of your images in JPG format. This is better than the negatives because the JPG's will have gone through an extensive post-processing and enhancing process, and they look much better than the digital negatives.

- Is there a limit to the number of exposures?

We shoot an unlimited number of photos.

- Are you able to provide us with 2-3 recent (within the last year) references?


- Do you consider yourself a commercial or portrait photographer?

We are wedding photographers. We take pictures of people.

- How many weddings per year do you average?

between 30-40 weddings per year

- Do you do more than weddings?

We shoot newborn/baby sessions, family sessions, HS senior sessions. However, wedding photography makes up for about 90% of our business income.

- What are your lighting techniques?

We use a combination of artificial and natural lighting techniques.

- Do you work well with videographers, if we decide to use one?

Yes we do. Typically the videographers know to stay out of the way of the photographer because they can always edit the video. The couples that hire us, for the most part, photography is the most important aspect of their wedding, next to the venue.

- What's the price difference for ordering prints "now" versus "later?"

No price difference

- How many hours are included?

it depends on what you need, anywhere from 4-12.

- Are there any travel or other fees?

We charge $1 per mile for any photography done outside of Maricopa county.

- How long will you keep the negatives?

5 years

- What's your typical shooting schedule?

We have weddings about 3-4 weekends per month. We shoot about 3 engagement sessions per month as well as a few portrait sessions during specific months.

- What is your usual ratio between posed & candid shots at a wedding?

When we deliver 600 images, 50-100 images will be formal posed photos.

- For the digital prints, will they be of archival quality? If you shoot black & white, do you develop them yourself?

Yes, our prints are made with 120-130 year archival quality paper and ink. The same is true for our albums as well.

- How long have you been shooting professionally?

5 years

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