As a Phoenix Wedding Photographer, there are many questions couples have for us.

Here are some that are frequently asked.

Do you travel for weddings, or do you only photograph weddings in Phoenix?
Absolutely. We are from New Mexico and have lived in Phoenix, Arizona for about 5 years. We frequently travel for weddings and actually really enjoy this part of our business. While we are based in Phoenix and do most of our work here in Scottsdale (and Phoenix), we travel for about 10-15% of our events. We charge $1 per mile travelled or, in most cases, we charge actual travel expenses. This includes travel and lodging if an overnight stay is required. Phoenix is such a great place for a destination wedding and many of the couples that hire us as their wedding photographer aren't even from Phoenix. Wedding photography is awesome because we really can work anywhere, and in Phoenix, the weather is really nice for most of the year. We would love the opportunity to be your Phoenix wedding photographer, or your destination wedding photographer.

Do we get a disc of our wedding photos?
Yes. You will receive a disc of your wedding pictures on a DVD. If you hire us as your Phoenix engagement photographer, we will also include those images on the same disc. We deliver the disc with your wedding album or when you redeem your wedding print credit, if print credit is included in your Phoenix wedding photography package.

Can we make prints from the disc?
Yes. We include a copyright license that gives you permission to make prints using your disc. While we own the copyrights to your wedding photos, we include this license so you can use them how you would like, within reason. You can use them online, on Facebook and MySpace etc. The license also allows you to make a backup copy of your disc, and we highly recommend that you do so. A few months after we photographed our first paid wedding in Phoenix, the couple emailed us saying that their apartment had been broken into. Their computer was stolen and their disc of wedding photos was in their computer. While this type of thing is highly unlikely to happen, we know that it can happen and every now and then, actually does happen. Because of this small chance, we make and keep multiple backups of all of the events that we photograph, so we were able to make them another disc. We usually keep one copy locally, in Phoenix, and another copy is sent to New Mexico. We keep wedding photographs for a period of 5 years before eliminating them from our photography archive.

How do we reserve our wedding date and hire Visionyard as our Phoenix wedding photographer?
We require a 30% date reservation payment along with a signed wedding photography agreement. We can't and don't hold dates without the completion of these two things. Dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis. We do give priority to those who have taken the time to actually get together with us. If you do meet with us, we will call you if we hear from another couple about availability on that same date.

As a Phoenix wedding photographer, do you find the summers a hard time to work?
Summertime in Phoenix is a difficult time to photograph weddings. We usually try not to book too many Phoenix weddings in July and August because of the extreme heat. New Mexico has great weather this time of year and we try to work there during the summer as much as possible. Being a Phoenix wedding photographer means that we must work during the holidays because the weather is very nice. This means that we have to take our holidays when it is too hot in Phoenix to work outside.

Will you have more questions on this page in the furture?
Yes we will. We are constantly adding content to our Phoenix wedding photographer website and it will always be a work in progress. For now, check out some frequently asked questions at our Arizona Wedding Photographer page. If you have any specific questions about your Phoenix wedding or if you are interested in hiring us as your Phoenix wedding photographer, please email or call us today!