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A Brief History - Phoenix Wedding Photographers

Becoming Phoenix Wedding Photographers

When Shauna and I got married, we had a pretty horrible experience with our photographer. We often talk about how we wish we could go back and do it again and we would just photograph our own wedding. One of the first real times we seriously thought about becoming wedding photographers was when we first started describing to our friends and family how disappointed we were with our wedding photos. By the way, if you haven't read the story of how we became wedding photographers, <--click there. After talking about it several times, we had convinced ourselves that we could easily do better job than the "professional" that we hired. So we gave it a shot. We refinanced our home so we could purchase computers, cameras, lenses, batteries, flashes, and all the other stuff that we had to have. We have litterally put everything that we have into our business, the business of helping couples remember their wedding day. By the way, one of the reasons that we love being wedding photographers is because it gives us a perfect reason to have the newest and best equipment!

Our first chance to show our work was behind a super-small, five foot booth at the Bridal Fashion Debut here in Phoenix, Arizona. Wedding photography was new to us, but we were going to give it a shot. We had decided to go to the show about a week and a half before. So we had 2 weeks to come up with a name for our new company, design business cards, come up with our prices, design our wedding photography packages, and print sample books to show to potential brides at the show. We actually booked 5 or 6 weddings from that first bridal show! About 5 months later, Shauna was able to quit her teaching job and begin working as a Phoenix wedding photographer full time in May 2006. We quickly booked up the year and ended up shooting 27 weddings in 2006, our first year. We photographed 54 weddings, in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, mostly in Phoenix in 2007, and by the end of 2008 we will have shot over 100 weddings total in our short 3 year history.

While working as Phoenix wedding photographers, we have learned how to adapt to many different situations. We had to get really good, really fast, while working under enormous amounts of stress. Early in our careers as Arizona wedding photographers, we had to learn how to take beautiful photos in not-so-beautiful places. We learned really quickly that the wedding industry is a tough industry to thrive in. There are many other Phoenix wedding photographers who are also really good at what they do. Like we mentioned earlier, weddings can be very stressful for the photographers. There is a ton of pressure when you only have one chance to make the most beautiful photograph possible at any given time on a wedding day. It takes great effort to constantly improve our work while maintaining our creativity, all while making sure that our clients are satisfied with our products and services.

Our hope...
But after three years we are still Phoenix wedding photographers, and we love it. We continue to be wedding photographers because we love people, and we love helping people remember. Through our business, we enjoy being able to meet new people, and meeting those people's freinds and family. We are wedding photographers and we love it. One thing that makes it so fun is when we get to see a couple again, a year or two after their wedding, to photograph their newborn baby. Then, a year later we get to see them again on their baby's first birthday. We care about this community and believe that we were created to live in community with other people, and to do our best to make a difference in those around us. This photography business enables us to live our lives working with other people who also value community. Our hope is that Visionyard Studios Photography will be a valuable asset to the community of Phoenix, Arizona. We hope to partner with several organizations who are making differences in this world and in other people's lives. We want to live lives that are bigger than ourselves and Visionyard Studios Photography helps us to do that.

- Your Phoenix Wedding Photographers, Tim & Shauna Stansell